I’ve grown up near a beach and spent many days walking along it and swimming there. But I could never go too far from where I had put my towel and bag down because I didn’t want to leave my valuables out of sight. But now, I don’t need to worry because I have discovered a waterproof travel pouch. Here is my review of the item.


Waterproof Protection


The biggest plus to this pouch is that it is waterproof. So no matter what I put in it like my phone, passport, money, credit card, etc. I know these things won’t be ruined by water. Different pouches vary in the waterproof protection they provide because some are a better quality that allow you to go deeper in the water and stay in the water longer. So before purchasing one I suggest you have a rough idea of when you might use the pouch. For me, I like to walk along the beach and then go in for a swim. My swimming length can vary but is usually no more than an hour, but it does depend on how hot the day is and how nice the water is. If I was going diving I would ensure the pouch was suitable for that activity.


Fully Submersible


Most of the pouches have a certified rating. At the moment IPX8 Certified will allow you to take your pouch with contents to a depth of 25 metres. So if you are a diving this will be wonderful so you can take your phone with you to capture those underwater memories.


Universal Size


These pouches have been created mostly to fit smartphones up to 6.5 inches of 16.51 centres high and 3.5 inches or 8.89 centimetres wide. Depending on the size of your phone you can fit other things in like your credit card, a few dollar notes and maybe your passport.

On saying there is a universal size, you can find larger waterproof bags to hold larger items like cameras for times when you are doing activities where you might get wet. Like trekking or diving or just being caught in the rain.


Made from clear and light material


The pouches are made of a clear material that you can see through. So if you are taking photos while in the water you pictures should be unobstructed. The material is also light and mostly allows the bag and its contents to float as long as it is not heavier than about 200g. This is great in case the strap breaks.


Adjustable Straps


Bags have an adjustable strap. The straps are long enough so you can tie them around your wrist, neck or waist and then you adjust them to fit so they hopefully won’t slide off during activities.

Overall, I think these waterproof travel pouches are ideal. I haven’t fully tested mine by diving with it, because I’m not a diver but it has impressed me by keeping my phone and money dry while I have been swimming at the beach. If you would like one click on the photos below to purchase one from Amazon America store or click on the text link to purchase from Amazon Australia store.

I’d be interested to hear what you think of them so please leave a comment below.


To see details and to purchase a waterproof pouch in the Australian store click here

To see details and to purchase a waterproof bag in the Australian store click here.

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