I’ve spent most of my life travelling to different locations around the world. My luggage would start off tidy however, the longer I travelled the messier it became. And on many occasions I was unable to find the piece of clothing I was looking for. If this sounds like you, then you, and I, are in luck because I have discovered packing cubes or clothes organiser bags. Basically, they are containers or zippered bags that allow you to put your clothes and other things inside them. I have used them now on a few trips and I am loving them so much I have come up with 4 good reasons why you, and I, need them when we travel.

Different sizes and shapes of Packing Cubes

Packing cubes come in different sizes and different shapes. Some are squares, others are rectangles while some can be long tubes. Having different sizes and shapes allows you to put different items in each. 

So bigger bulky items like jumpers can go in a larger cube while underwear can go in a smaller one. By categorising your clothes in packing cubes you are able to find your clothes easier. No more taking everything out of your luggage only to find what you are looking for at the bottom. With packing cubes you will be able to find the item quicker.

Packing Cubes are easier to pack inside your luggage

Not everyone will agree but I find having different size packing cubes lets you pack and re-arrange your luggage so the cubes fit in. If only going away for a weekend smaller cubes can fit inside an overnight bag. If going away for months the cubes can be arranged so things fit. Have a look at the before and after packing scenarios.


Made from a variety of materials

Having packing cubes made from different material may not excite everyone, but for some reason it does me. I prefer those that are made of see-through material because I can see what I have packed and where it is without even having to open the packing cube. This has made my life easier, particularly one time when I was running late for the bus.

The packing cubes can be made from different materials. Fabric, plastic and mesh are often used. Most have a see-through top so you can see what is inside. They are closed with a zip to ensure things are safe and sound. Solid plastic cubes are mostly water resistant which can be great for keeping damp clothes away from your dry clothes. And also, if you are ever caught in the rain the waterproof material will help to keep your items dry.

Packing cubes can be different colours

Packing cubes come in different colours. You could choose one colour and different sizes or different colours to identify different clothing and items. If travelling with other people such as kids and are sharing luggage you could colour code the cubes to a certain person. That way you would know who which cube belongs to who. Possibly helping to avoid fights. It is also nice to colour-match your cubes to your luggage. The choice is yours.


I believe you will agree these are 4 very good reasons why you should invest in packing cubes. They will make your packing a lot easier. Order your set of packing cubes now to help your travelling life.

Thanks for sharing.